Hi, I am Linda McCann, I love to learn and to contribute to your learning, growth and transformation.

Over the past 35 years, I have helped thousands of leaders and teams take next steps in their development. I am best known as someone who can create a trusting space for transformation and change to take place. I believe in getting personal and team obstacles on the table, so we can work through them in a direct way. Here is what I focus on:

  • Helping you grow your capacity as a leader, through coaching or leadership programs
  • Support you and your team in working together more effectively
  • Design a program that will meet development needs you have identified. A popular one right now is emotional intelligence

My most recent initiative is supporting women in living a fully expressed life and being at their personal best.  Co created with Lillas Hatala, Women in Leadership for Life seeks to support transformation through posts, workshops and coaching.